Teen Council Calendar of Events 2015-16

Teen Council Calendar of Events and Trainings 2015-16

October 10 Opening Social
October 13 Achievement Night dinner--Fair building 6:00
November 5 Teen Council Meeting--Fair building 7:00-8:30
December 3
Teen Council Meeting--Fair building 7:00-8:30
January 7
Teen Council Meeting--Fair building 7:00-8:30
January 26 County Contest Talent Show--Opera House 7:00
January 29-30 State Teen Winter Retreat at Aspen Grove for youth 9-12 grades
February 4
Teen Council Meeting--Fair building 7:00-8:30
February 8 County Contests: Public Speaking, Impromptu Speaking and Demonstrations
February 20 Teen Council Winter Activity
March 3
Teen Council Meeting--Fair building 7:00-8:30
March 18-19 Southwest Region Teen Retreat for 8-12 grades (date to be announced)
March 21 County Contests: Favorite Foods, Healthy Cuisine and Chef Extraordinaire
April 7
Teen Council Meeting--Fair building 7:00-8:30
May 5
Teen Council Meeting--Fair building 7:00-8:30
June 21 River Run
June 28-30 4-H Camp
July 11-13 State Contests for youth 9-12 grades

State Contest Packing List and Information

Lori, Brody, Makendra, Josh, and Jordan will leave Sunday July 10th.  Brody and Makendra meet me at my house at 3:00.  Josh and Jordan meet us at the Extension Office at 3:30.  Bring a lunch/dinner, drinks and snacks.  We will not be stopping anywhere on the way.

Pete, Fred, Angie, Emily will leave Monday July 11th.  Check with Pete about where and when to meet.

Money needed:  Monday morning breakfast, Monday lunch.  Tuesday morning breakfast, Tuesday lunch.  Wednesday lunch.

Monday night for county night out we will be meeting up with several other counties at the Redneck water slide from 6:00-9:30 pm.  Costa Vida will cater dinner.  We have paid for this activity.  Bring a beach towel and flip flops or water shoes.  Boys wear swim trunks.  Girls wear a modest swimsuit and it was suggested to wear shorts over your swimsuit so the slide doesn't give you a burn on your skin.  Bring sunscreen.

You will notice that Semi-formal wear is required for the banquet.  Boys please bring dress slacks, shirt, and tie.  Girls please bring a dress or skirt.

State contests end at 11:00 on Wednesday.  We should be home between 5:00-6:00 pm.

If you have any questions call me.

4-H Camp Teen Council Tent Assignments

4-H Camp Teen Council Tent Assignments


Tent #1  Amelia, Heidi, Valerie, Aspen, Jaeley, Nakomi
Tent #2  Sabrina, Jenessa
Tent #3  Jordan, Sadie, Lexie, Dorothy
Tent #4  Amy, Kinley, Melody
Tent #5  Emily Monroe, KayLee
Tent #6  Sophia, Kya, Shelby
Ten t#7  Angie, Jaycee
Tent #8  Macayla, Makendra


Tent #1  Jacob Eichorn, Jacob Almedia
Tent #2  Hunter, Dallin, Jagger
Tent #3  Brody, Dalyn, Tyrel
Tent #4  Cort, Riley, Treyton
Tent #5  Easton, Josh, Scott

Each tent group is responsible to secure a tent for that group.

Meet at the Extension Office on Tuesday morning June 28 at 9:00.  Rides will be provided.

Rides home will be provided on Thursday June 30 at 10:30 am

Packing List

We will be providing meals for Tuesday night through Thursday Morning.
You will need to bring:
1.    Lunch for Tuesday
2.    Snacks and drinks
3.    Tent
4.    Sleeping Equipment
Air mattress or foam pad, ground cloth, pillow, sleeping bag
5.    Personal items
Mosquito repellent, soap, wash cloth, towel, toothbrush and toothpaste, mirror and comb
6.    Clothing
Warm pajamas, coat, long pants, shoes, socks
7.    Miscellaneous
Flashlight, medicine

*Any items you need for your committee assignments

Packing list Southwest 4-H Region Retreat

Meet at the Beaver County Extension Office on Friday March 18, 2016 at 1:30 p.m.  I can provide rides from Minersville to Beaver.  Meet at my house at 1:00.  Please pack for the hike on Saturday in Bryce Canyon.  Bring appropriate clothing for the hike including shoes.  If you have any questions call Lori at 421-1900.  See you all on Friday.

Mock Legislature

Registration for Mock Legislature will open 2/10/2016. Cost is $15.00  for 9-12 grades. We are pretty sure Mock Legislature will be on April 19th but we are still at the mercy of the staff who will let us know after the Legislative session.

We have 97 slots available for youth on the House Floor.  This event will sell out so please get this out to your high school aged youth ASAP. Balcony slots will be available after the 97 slots sell out.

Southwest Region Retreat

Registration is now open for the Southwest Region Retreat.  Register soon, space is limited.

Swing Dance Camp

 8th-12 grade Teen Council members are invited to the Seiver County Swing Dance Camp.  No charge.

Call or text Lori at 435-421-1900 by February 26 if you are interested in going to this event.